Corporate Financing Legal Advice

Corporate finance lawyers at Aila Makooli Barristers and Solicitors counsels clients on the stringent legal and regulatory laws in connection with raising capital and in complying with securities legislation.  

Aila Makooli understands that the success or failure of a business can be traced back to the financial arrangements and legal documentation entered into regarding attaining financing or extending financing. The decisions one makes at the initial stages of negotiated financial instruments and the legal documentation prepared and entered into, will dictate the outcome of any reversal in fortune.  

Understanding Applicable Local, Provincial and Federal Regulations

Usually there are several levels of laws and regulations that could have an effect on the operations of a business. A business owner would need to have an understanding of most of these regulations. 

For the most part business owners start businesses with funds from family and friends. Conversely, numerous business owners attempt to raise money by utilizing the World Wide Web, advertisements in community newspapers as well as other methods. Securities regulators are provided the power under provincial statutes to enforce securities regulation. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action by the securities commission. 

Businesses face diverse challenges and legal implications when entering into any one of the wide-ranging forms of financing instruments available. It is important to understand the contractual language, financial responsibilities and extent of penalties if any. 

Finding suitable capital financing is one of a businesses greatest challenges and increases with growth. 

Aila Makooli can advise and guide you through several different options to acquire funds and structure repayment while protecting your rights and interests. 

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