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Investor Based Visa EB-5

Immigration visas, the EB-5 visa provides a method for foreign investors who invest at least $1 million dollars to obtain a green card. Foreign investors who help create 10 new jobs for U.S. workers in a Targeted Employment Area with - with high unemployment or in specified rural areas, need to invest at least $500,000.

Employment Based Visas

EB-1 Visa for Priority Workers

Priority workers who have exceptional ability such as outstanding professors and researchers, executives and managers who are being transferred receive high priority for U.S. green cards.

EB-1 Visa is reserved for exceptional people as is divided into three subcategories:
- workers of extraordinary ability
- outstanding university professors or researchers, and
- executives or managers of multinational companies being transferred to jobs in the U.S.

Workers of Extraordinary Ability.

Workers of extraordinary ability EB-1 under this category may qualify for a green card as a priority worker. Foreign nationals need to show they are a widely acknowledged leader in a particular artistic, educational, business, or athletic field.

Outstanding University Professors or Researchers

Foreign professionals will have to show at least three year's experience at either teaching or research in the relevant academic field. A qualified university or institution of higher education with at least three full-time researchers on staff is required. It must be a permanent position within a research organization.

Transferring Multinational Executives or Managers

For executives or managers who have been working for a qualified foreign corporation for at least one out of the past three years may meet the various qualification requirements under EB-1. The employer with foreign and U.S. based offices, must also meet certain qualifications.

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