Creation and Implementation to Achieve Business Goals

The Corporate success of your company depends on strategic planning that is legally and financially sound. The decisions made based on such planning must be thoroughly scrutinized and analyzed to fully optimize the financial success of your company. At Aila Makooli Barristers and Solicitors, we provide every client the opportunity to express the goals and vision they have for their company. We then devise a strategic plan, involving creation and implementation to achieve these goals. 

Once a legal structure and strategy for your business has been decided on, Aila Makooli will assist in the implementation of your business plan, carefully comply with the necessary registration requirements for that particular structure. Aila Makooli will prepare all the necessary business agreements needed to meet your objectives and safeguard your rights. 

Maintaining Your Corporate Status  

Although a good number of businesses tend to use a business lawyer to assist with the steps involved in incorporation, new businesses typically overlook the recurring legal requirements to maintain their corporation status. Annual shareholder, director and partner meetings must be held, and recording of minutes and the election of officers is required to comply with Provincial/Federal requirements. Failure to do so can potentially compromise corporate status and lead to the “piercing of the corporate veil.”

In the eventuality of a court action or perhaps some other legal action, corporate officers would be subject to personal liability or possibly additional legal challenges.

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