Securing your best interests with a buy-sell agreement

Aila Makooli provides Toronto business owners with experience and specialized legal counsel in a full range of real estate and business law matters.  

Buy-sell agreements are critical to helping you steer clear of putting your business and familys finances at risk. Buy-sell agreements need to be properly drafted by a competent business law lawyer to protect your business and your business interests.  

Aila Makooli is a competent business lawyer who will draft a buy-sell agreement that will give you peace of mind in the knowledge your business will remain in the hands of its current owners. In the event of certain triggering events such as an owner's death, divorce or disability, the buy-sell agreement will provide the proper market exists for the leaving owner.  

Toronto business law lawyer Aila Makooli will help you draft a buy-sell agreement to ensure a successful future for your business.

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