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Canadian immigration laws change with little or no notice. The Canadian immigration application process is very complex and challenging for individuals who are required to fill out numerous separate immigration forms, submit over a dozen documents and hope the application is not denied.

Your immigration application could be delayed, then returned to you by officials at Citizenship and Immigration Canada for any inaccuracies or if they deem the application to be incomplete. CIC officials are very strict when it comes to the accuracy of your documentation.

Last year an architect in the Philippines was refused a visa to Canada. The reference letter provided by his employer failed to contain a description of his tasks and duties. His Canadian visa application was denied.

It could take many months before you receive notice from Citizenship and Immigration Canada of any mistakes.

Many individuals have the misconception that immigrating to Canada is a simple as filling out the immigration application, attending an interview without proper preparation and paying a government fee. You would be well advised to get the immigration process right the first time by having an immigration lawyer be your representative for the case. Denied immigration applications or hearings that go against you are more difficult to resolve and considerably more costly.

Immigration lawyers have the legal experience and knowledge to review your documents, advise you of any additional documentation needed and represent you in court if necessary. You should understand that only a lawyer can represent you in the Federal Court system of Canada.

You could greatly increase your acceptance rate for immigration to Canada by hiring an immigration lawyer. Aila Makooli specializes in immigration law and keeps up to date with the latest immigration regulations to ensure your application will be processed correctly the first time.

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Going into effect last fall was a a new restriction on sponsorship. The Canadian government introduced a new ruling for controlling growing incidence of marriage fraud among immigrants.

Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says its time to hit the reset button by placing a six-month moratorium on the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Immigrant Investor Program

Increasing numbers of individuals, entrepreneurs, employees and employers are seeking the help of immigration lawyers to process their applications.

Feel secure in your Canada immigration process by contacting immigration laawyer Aila Makooli to discuss how she can assist you immigrate to Canadaand becoming a part of this great country.

Determine your eligibility

There are six areas where you must qualify:

- age,

- permanent resident status,

- time you have lived in Canada,

- language ability,

- criminal history and

- how well you know Canada.

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