Protecting Your Interests from Potential Financial Risk and Additional Expenses

If you are buying a home, condo, cottage, second residence or vacation property, have you ever considered the benefits of hiring a real estate lawyer to protect your financial interests? After all, the purchase of real estate is one of the largest financial investments a Canadian will ever make.

Should you hire a real estate attorney early in the purchase process, or wait until after the purchase agreement is signed? There are a number of Canadians who would prefer to hire a real estate lawyer just to perform a title search, register the deed and transfer the funds after their purchase agreement has been signed. The reasoning is to save a few dollars on legal fees.

As many have discovered, hiring a qualified real estate attorney was one of the best investment decisions they made and actually saved them from possible financial risk and added expenses.

Agreement of Purchase and Sale Legalese

Unless one has a working knowledge of real estate law in Ontario, the legalese contained within real estate documents can be very perplexing. To compound the matter, every Agreement of Purchase and Sale could differ in their legal terminology. One should recognize that these agreements are iron-clad and it is the responsibility of the buyer to understand exactly what they are purchasing.

Real estate lawyers are well-known to be invaluable advisors when it comes to examining the dozens of legal pages contained in a purchase agreement.

Since a majority of Canadians who purchase a new home will invest most of their savings as down-payment, there is no room for an unexpected surprise that would require additional monies at the time of closing.

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