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Business Law Lawyer in Toronto


Dedicated to Helping Your Business Avoid Adversity

Business law is an extremely complex legal area where a delay to act or an attempt to resolve a sensitive business law matter without proper counsel from a business lawyer could result in distressful financial problems for you and your business.

Business law lawyer Aila Makooli strives to provide the best level of legal service and counsel to businesses and business owners in Toronto.

As an experienced business and corporate lawyer, Aila Makooli is capable of helping you plan for most probabilities, particularly while in the early-stages of your company’s creation. Corporate and business lawyer Aila Makooli is knowledgeable in helping you steer clear of complications as well as ensuring your business is safeguarded against possible problems. Fees to keep you in compliance with relevant laws and regulations are typically quite reasonable whenever competent professionals are brought on board in the beginning. The cost to you to resolve non compliance issues in the future however, tends to be very costly.


At Makooli Law, we will give your case its full attention and will go the extra distance to help you achieve your business goals.

Contact us today by calling 416-848-9815. Our Toronto Business Lawyers are Available When You Need Us Most!

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